Several Micropenis Treatment Options For Men In Their Infancy and Adulthood.

The medical term micropenis is used when a penis is no more than 3.5 inches in length or about 2.5 inches less and smaller than an average man’s penis.

How Is The Diagnosis Made

A diagnosis of micropenis is fairly easy to make and may be done at any point in life – infancy to adulthood. A rule and some measuring knowledge is all that is needed to make the diagnosis. Of course, the more definitive diagnosis is made by a doctor.

Micropenis: What Is Its Cause

A micropenis happens because of a variety of hormonal irregularities that take place when the baby is growing in the womb. The condition may occur all on its own; but, most often, it is accompanied with other kinds of hormonal conditions such as:

- Abnormal testicular development

- Deficiency in congenital growth hormone

- Klinefelter’s syndrome

- Testicular dysgenesis

Treatment Options For Children Who Have A Micropenis

A. Testosterone injections

Treatment for micropenis varies, usually dependent on age of when the diagnosis is made. If made in infancy, a testosterone treatment is typically given. According to a 1999 study, this treatment is very effective and needs up to three testosterone injections in a four-week interval during childhood to get an adequate penis length for that age. This treatment is completely given in a three-month time frame.

Before treatment is applied, a doctor will look at several factors:

1 – Child’s age, medical history and health

2 – Condition extent

3 – Child’s tolerance for certain medications

If there are any other hormonal conditions, the child needs to get the right hormonal treatments for every condition too.

If you’re a parent, you should not have your baby circumcised until the condition has been completely looked at by a doctor of some type.

B.Sex Reassignment Surgery Used As Treatment Over Nearly 30-Year Period

From the 1960s to the late 1980s, parents were often given the choice for a sex reassignment surgery (or sex change surgery) to correct their children’s small penis. Johns Hopkins Hospital was one of several hospitals that routinely offered and did this surgery. But, in 1990, the technique of treating the micropenis condition is no longer an option.

The reason is that most micropenis children were not as happy in their adulthood life than men who never treated or were treated with other micropenis treatment options.

Treatment Options For Men Who Have A Micropenis

Should the condition be made after puberty, then the testosterone replacement treatment is really no longer an option. Still, there are things men can do to increase their penis size.

1 – Phalloplasty

This surgery (an invasive cosmetic surgery) is one procedure that has produced some good results. However, it does have some risks attached to it. One such risk is that the surgery did not increase the man’s penis and actually caused a decrease in it.

2 – Penis Extender

andropenis mini

If a man has a 2.5 inch or larger penis, he can also choose a penis extender. Andropenis micropenis extender is the only penis extender that has been clinically proven and tried to increase a man’s penis. If used right, they are 100 percent safe to use. The downside to penis extenders though? Men must use them for at least 32 hours a week and the results take longer to appear than the phalloplasty option.

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